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Welcome to Spiritual Roads!

Spiritual Roads, Inc. is a different kind of recovery program, with a mission to help people recover and heal. More specifically, we develop personal relationships and create an individualized “Spiritual Roads Plan of Action” for each participant. We establish goals and objectives and meet regularly to review progress. Through this process, we provide hope and a purpose. Spiritual Roads Inc. Helping People Recover & Heal

Our hope begins when we start to develop honest relationships with people that have found victory over similar life challenges and we hear the testimonies of what they were like, what happened, and what they’re like now. We find purpose in sharing our victories with a newcomer how we use the program to stay free that day, that hour, even that minute sometimes, from these struggles. 

According to SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association) "Peer Support Recovery is the Future of Behavioral Health.” As we continue to grow spiritually and emotionally, using the peer-to-peer support model of recovery, people learn to break free from their addictions and self-destructive behaviors, find ways to live in freedom from their past lives, and to break the cycle of addiction from one generation to the next.

Spiritual Roads is not a Religious Program. We are a Spiritual Program of Action.

If you have a desire to do what is right but cannot carry it out we can help.

We can help you find a better way we can help you find a better road.

We look forward to serving you,

-The Spiritual Roads team

Spiritual Roads is a starting point on your road to recovery. 

We provide Faith Based Solutions to help people find freedom from, but not limited to:

◙ Alcohol

◙ Anger and Rage

◙ Anxiety

◙ Co-Dependency

◙ Depression

◙ Drug Addictions

◙ Family Stressors

◙ Food Addictions

◙ Gambling

◙ Internet Pornography

◙ Love and Relationship Addiction

◙ Sex Addictions

Areas Served: We primarily serve people in Tuolumne County CA, and we also serve surrounding counties.

Call us now at 209-872-9815 or email to connect with someone in our program.

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