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Spiritual Roads uses a PEER SUPPORT model of recovery

"Peer Support Recovery Is the Future of Behavioral Health"

(Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)

What is Peer Support?

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There is not a generally accepted definition of Peer Support.There are as many definitions of Peer Support as there are Peer support programs. There is one common element upon which all agree and that is Peer Support is people with similar life struggles help each other. 


Spiritual Roads will provide weekly group meetings and one-on-one sessions at no cost. The SR Team consists of a State Certified Addiction Specialist and many others who have years of experience in recovery. Spiritual Roads Staff and Volunteers frequently attend meetings with participants and provide transportation to and from. In addition, food and childcare are provided at most of our meetings.

Sometimes people are uneasy about first getting involved with a recovery group or attending a recovery meeting. We go beyond the walls of meeting rooms and churches and provide a non-threatening environment to begin the healing process. This is often done over coffee or lunch. Please make a life-changing decision by connecting with someone in our program today. 

Sober Living

We currently work along with existing recovery houses, rescue missions, and outreach programs to increase the awareness and availability of local community programs and services. In the future, Spiritual Roads plans to offer sober living homes and programs in Tuolumne and surrounding Counties.

Additional Info

Meetings and our work are supported through individual donations and public grants to sustain our efforts. We have filed the appropriate documents with the Secretary of State, Internal Revenue Service and Franchise Tax Board to become organized as a Non-Profit Organization, classified under 501(c) (3). Spiritual Roads has a Board of Directors, Executive Director, plus appropriate staff and volunteers who believe in our mission. We are always looking for additional individuals as well as other organizations to join Spiritual Roads in our mission to help people recover and heal.

We are happy to be of service.

-The Spiritual Roads team

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